English Association of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering.

About Us

ENAFIE(English Association of Industrial Engineering) is a young association that has been existing since four years under the student union of the Faculty of industrial Engineering.With objectives of promoting technical and proffessional studies, conception in projects, promoting academic excellence,in addition we also promote balingualism in the university, faculties and in all the Industrial sectors in our father land CAMEROON and  never to forget our Global Village.

 ENAFIE is to strive for excellence in preperatary class which we have had 40%, 60%, 70%and 80% in the previous years of entrance examination.

     Partipation and organisation of balingulism weeks.
     Partipation in common wealth days.
     Partipation in Industrial weeks.
     Partipation in faculty games.
     Partipations in projects realisation in faculty.
     Partipation in integrations of new members in the faculty.
     Partipation in "SAVOIRE FAIRE ET FAIRE SAVOIRE" of LTM tv.
        Every year we are in cooperation with other association in and out of the university of douala e.g UDEMSA, GODBESSA, NASU ,AE FGI, LEBANG STUDENTS UNION, English Club IUT and heads of Clubs in and out of the faculty.